Library Loot and Book Haul!

20180710_1527168871367756358219549.jpgIf you’ve been following my Twitter, you know there were some hijinks this last weekend! I went to Anthrocon, one of the biggest Furry conventions, to help a friend of mine sell leather masks. (We also sell at the Maryland Renaissance Faire every year.) This was my second year going to AC, but her 16th. I spent most of the weekend in the “Dealer’s Den” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find anything bookish to do! There were several tables selling books, and Ursula Vernon was one of the Guests of Honor this year!

20180710_1526116110021638115322219.jpgUrsula actually won the inaugural Leo Award from Anthrocon, which will be awarded every year from now on to exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. She won it for Jackalope Wives and Other Stories, (writing as T. Kingfisher) which I picked up along with two fairy tale retellings – Bryony and Roses and The Raven and the Reindeer. She was kind enough to sign all three books for me!

spinning silverWhile we were gone at Anthrocon, my Book of the Month arrived, so I’ll be reading Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver ASAP, because it released to everyone else yesterday!

summer of jordi perez best burger los angelesAnd yes, there are some library books! Two books came in while we were out of town – Eden Conquered, which is the sequel to Dividing Eden, and The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the best burger in Los Angeles), an LGBT YA story.


Library Loot and Book Mail

lady trent within sanctuary of wingsHappy Fourth of July to those from the US! Today is our Independence Day, which is normally celebrated with cookouts and a ton of fireworks. I, however, have errands to run before leaving town tomorrow morning, so I have no special plans.

I only picked up a few books from the library this week, but they’re good ones! The fifth book of Lady Trent’s Memoirs came in, so I can finish the series and write up a full series review. Her explorations in the Victorian era of her world, learning about dragons, have been fascinating!

her body and other partiesI also got Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, off my Wronged Women List, and The Pisces, from my Summer Reading List.

More exciting than my library books this week is the package I got in the mail from Book Riot! I finally won one of their giveaways, and it was a doozy! The University of Iowa Press was giving away Fan Culture Studies bundles, and I won one! The bundle consists of three books: Everybody Hurts – Transitions, Endings, and Resurrections in Fan Cultures, On the Origin of Superheroes, and Gaming Masculinity – Trolls, Fake Geeks & the Gendered Battle for Online Culture. All three of these are extremely relevant to my interests as a geeky gamer girl, so I’m VERY excited about these! I thought they were going to take much longer to get here – I only found out I won last week – so I was shocked to get them on Saturday! University of Iowa Press appears to have several more books in this category, so I might be spending a bit of money there soon!

I leave early tomorrow for AnthroCon, where I will be busy selling masks instead of reading, unfortunately! I’ll still be having a blast, though. (And if you coincidentally happen to be at the Con, come say hi, we’re hard to miss!)

Library Loot!

sky in the deepI only picked up one book this week, but it’s one people have been talking about a lot recently! I’ve had a hold on it for quite some time, so I was happy to see Sky In The Deep, Adrienne Young’s novel about a Viking woman, FINALLY come in! This cover is GORGEOUS.

The Pisces, from my Summer To-Read List, has been waiting to be picked up since yesterday, but I won’t be making it back to the library until probably Saturday. So it might be joined by a few more books, and I’ll talk about those next week!

Library Loot Wednesday!

I wasn’t sure I was going to have books to post for Library Loot this week, and then yesterday SIX of my holds came in! We also went to The Book Thing of Baltimore this week, so I have a stack from there as well.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Book Thing is a place run entirely by donations and staffed by volunteers, where all the books are free. They stamp all their books “Not for Resale” and just give them away! It’s a fairly large “store” and I’ve seen their backroom, PILED with boxes full of books that won’t fit out on the shelves. It’s a fantastic place. They actually burned down a couple of years ago, and were closed for about a year before reopening last fall. If you live near Baltimore, it’s worth a trip! They’re only open on weekends.

So, on to my Library Loot!

Persepolis 2 finally came in, so I’ll review both volumes soon. I don’t usually review graphic novels, even though I read them, but I’m making an exception for this one.

The Wrong Stars came via interlibrary loan. I’ve seen it billed as an LGBT Space Opera, and Firefly meets The Expanse. So I’m pretty excited about that. I know it mentions demisexuality in it, which is a much-overlooked sexuality. (It means unable to feel sexual attraction until an emotional bond is formed first, and is what I am.)

Witches Be Crazy: A Tale That Happened Once Upon A Time in the Middle of Nowhere is a hilarious looking book that I saw in the library catalog when looking for something else, and decided to grab on a whim.

Less, by Andrew Sean Greer, is a gay comedy that recently won a Pulitzer. It’s about a novelist travelling the world to avoid going to his ex’s wedding.

The Great Zoo of China, from my summer TBR list, came in. It’s supposed to be Jurassic Park but with dragons. I’m not a fan of Jurassic Park – it gave me nightmares when it came out and I haven’t seen any of the sequels – but I do love dragons.

Look Me In The Eye, another Asperger’s memoir, also arrived. This one’s written by a man, unlike the last two I’ve read.

Oh, and Furyborn came in as an ebook earlier this week, so I’ve already read it. Since I can’t renew ebooks from the library, they usually get pushed to the front of the list. It was a great start to a trilogy.

This is my stack from The Book Thing – it’s pretty eclectic, but that’s what you wind up with from The Book Thing, as it’s entirely dependent on what people have donated! (Bonus kitty sleeping in the background!)


Library Loot Wednesday!

invisibleThe book I’m most excited about getting this week is Invisible: How Young Women with Serious Health Issues Navigate Work, Relationships, and the Pressure to Seem Just Fine, by Michele Lent Hirsch. I have two autoimmune diseases (plus migraines) myself, so this book seems to be written FOR ME. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in my late twenties, and this books speaks straight to my experiences.

love hate and other filtersI also picked up Love, Hate, and other Filters, which made a big splash a while back but I just haven’t gotten to until now. Figured since it’s Ramadan, I should fit in a Muslim-centered book along with all my Pride reading. The review will be up later today, since I’ve read it already!

persepolis 1On the topic of Muslim-centered books, I checked out the first volume of Persepolis, a graphic novel about a girl growing up in Iran. The second volume is requested but hasn’t come in yet.

Dread Nation finally made its way to me, there was a long wait list. I was really excited about this book before it came out, but the author is apparently a little ignorant of Native American issues, calling the schools where they indoctrinated Native children “well meaning” instead of racist. A Twitter thread about Dread Nation. So I’m a little wary of it now.

The last library book I got this week is Well, That Escalated Quickly – Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist, by Franchesca Ramsey. Ramsey is a Youtuber who apparently went unexpectedly viral and decided to use her platform for activism. It looks funny.

In related news, BOOK MAIL! 

I got my Book of the Month package early last week, which contained The Book of Essie (excellent and already reviewed), When Katie Met Cassidy (excellent, review coming next week), and The Kiss Quotient. (Haven’t read yet.) I also received some Goodreads Giveaways – Prisoner 155 – Simon Radowitzky, an unexpectedly large graphic novel, and How I Resist: Activism and Hope for the Next Generation. That last one I won all the way back in March, and was really excited to get the ARC, but they had some printing problem with the ARCs, and then it was backordered from so many pre-orders, so I actually didn’t get it until the second printing, AFTER it released! A little disappointing, but I’m glad to finally have it.

Library Loot Wednesday

gentleman's guide to vice and virtueI picked up a couple of books for Pride Month this week – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, which I’ve seen rave reviews about, and Ellen DeGeneres’ third book, Seriously….I’m Kidding. I haven’t actually read her other two!

hero at the fallI had one other hold come in, the third in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy, Hero at the Fall. So I’m excited to finish that!

My husband spotted a book on the stacks (I bizarre romancekind of purposefully wasn’t looking, I have enough to read already!) that was intriguing enough to take with us. It’s called Bizarre Romance, and it’s a collaboration between a married writer and artist – thirteen stories about “oddballs in love.” Some of the stories are prose and some of them are comics, so it should be a fairly quick read.

That’s all I picked up this week, another small week. I’m starting to make some headway on my library books!