#90sInJuly – July 11 – My Hero

It greatly amuses me that today is “My Hero” and I’m not actually going to post a book today. Because, you see, it is my tenth wedding anniversary! Ten years ago today, my husband and I ran to the courthouse and made it official before he shipped out to the Marine Corps. Six months later, we had a more formal ceremony with lots of friends and family, but this was the real one. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way this year, and we don’t have any big plans to celebrate – it’s probably going to be pizza and videogames tonight, LOL – but we’ll be having fun together, and that’s what counts.


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#JubilantJuly – July 10 – Onomatopoeia

OinkMan that’s a hard word to spell. Anyway. Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink is a collection of comedic essays by Patrick F. McManus – he’s written several books – A Fine and Pleasant Misery, They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? and several others. The vast majority of them have put my father into hysterics more than once (the one about panicking in the woods and ping-ponging off trees while running and screaming is a particularly vivid memory of mine) and they are pretty funny. They’re focused on the outdoors and outdoor activities, though there’s the occasional essay on marriage and parenting and family life as well. I am not sure where my copies have gone, unfortunately. I use to own the three I have listed. (My father – or maybe my grandfather – owned everything McManus has written.) If you like the outdoors (or want validation for NOT liking it!) these are great books.

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#JubilantJuly – July 9 – Shoes on Covers


I loved What Not To Wear, back when we were watching television regularly, so I bought several of the associated books. I think I have 4 by the various hosts. This one is actually pretty awesome. (I almost used it for #wannabe, but realized I had a dearth of books with shoes on the covers!)

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#90sInJuly – July 7/8

20170708_162403A second double post, to make up for missing yesterday. July 7 was “Wannabe” – and while it’s not quite the meaning of the song, I’ve always wanted to be an urban/backyard homesteader. I’ve come to realize I’m not capable of it, at least not here. The heat and the humidity saps what little energy I have, and being hypothyroid means I’m not very capable of dealing with extreme temperatures. I overheat very quickly out in these nasty east coast summers. But I can dream and continue to read about it!


20170708_154710July 8 is “Heart-Shaped Box” – and I actually have one! Looking at the design on it reminded me of this series by Claire Delacroix – the delicate filigree borders and the trinkets on each cover. I do on occasion enjoy a cheesy romance. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine!

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#JubilantJuly – July 7/8

20170708_125756Double post, because I forgot yesterday! July 7 is “Starts with M/N/O” so I have a stack of urban fantasy by a variety of authors! I had a surprising amount of titles starting with M to pick from – Moon this, Moon that, mostly. Less N’s, and almost all of those were Night. O was a little harder, and you can see I cheated a little bit by not counting “The” as a word, on The Outlaw Demon Wails.




20170708_130338July 8 is “Family” and for that I have a set of books given to me by my uncle when I was a very little girl. Like a lot of girls, I grew up slightly horse crazy, and Marguerite Henry might be responsible for a lot of that! These books carry a lot of nostalgia for me – they lived on a little shelf on my dresser most of my childhood. King of the Wind was usually my favorite, but they’re all fantastic.


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#90sinJuly – July 6 – Where the Wild Things Are

I was not expecting these two books to be as good as they are. I mean, really, Bambi aside, who cares about a story told from the viewpoint of a deer? But these are amazingly written. The animals have their own rituals, and limited magic, and beliefs. They’re absolutely fantastic, and fantastical, books. Fire Bringer (free on Kindle Unlimited right now!) is about deer, while The Sight gives the same treatment to wolves. I may have to re-read these, as apparently Fell, a sequel to The Sight, is out.


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