#90sinJuly – July 6 – Where the Wild Things Are

I was not expecting these two books to be as good as they are. I mean, really, Bambi aside, who cares about a story told from the viewpoint of a deer? But these are amazingly written. The animals have their own rituals, and limited magic, and beliefs. They’re absolutely fantastic, and fantastical, books. Fire Bringer (free on Kindle Unlimited right now!) is about deer, while The Sight gives the same treatment to wolves. I may have to re-read these, as apparently Fell, a sequel to The Sight, is out.


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#JubilantJuly – July 6 – A Whole New World

This was a random book I picked up in a used book store – the angel on the cover, and the description, about fallen angels and spaceships, intrigued me. And if it wasn’t good, it was only 99 cents wasted, right? I loved it. I am fascinated by this world. It’s a derelict colony ship, adrift so long that the AI has fractured and gone a little insane, but some part of it realized the ship is in grave danger of being destroyed by a nearby sun, and it must bring its inhabitants together enough to fix the damage done to the ship and get it moving again. The inhabitants, however, don’t really even understand they’re on a spaceship. It’s really quite well done.


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#90sInJuly – July 5 – Aliens Exist


I don’t actually have too many books about aliens, but this was one I checked out from the library a while back. If you can find the 20th anniversary edition, it’s worth it for the author’s notes scattered throughout. This trilogy got me excited about Star Wars again. (I read it just before The Force Awakens came out.) Thrawn is an amazing villain. He’s intelligent, and capable, and cunning. If you only read one set of Star Wars books, make it this trilogy.




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#JubilantJuly – July 5 – Workaholics

Wasn’t real sure what to do for this post, but then I remembered how many books Brandon Sanderson has put out. He’s either a workaholic or a sorcerer! These are all the Brandon Sanderson that I own, but I’ve read a lot more. The Alloy of Law, hundreds of years after the Mistborn trilogy pictured here, the one about the rotting golden city whose name I can’t remember right now, (Edit: Elantris) and finishing off the Wheel of Time series…the man writes A LOT.


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#junebookbugs – June 29 – Latest Book Haul


My latest Library Haul – I sent the husband to go pick up some holds (I was busy prepping food for his birthday party!) He brought back my two holds, plus a bonus book! Gathering Blue and Son are #2 and #4 in The Giver Quartet – #3 is still making its way to me. The Empire’s Ghost is a new book that caught his eye. It looks pretty interesting. I just have to find time to read it! (I don’t think he understands what my TBR list looks like right now!) It’s Isabelle Steiger’s debut novel, and I’ve actually had pretty good luck with debut novels in the past. It just came out in May. I also managed to catch a bonus kitty sleeping in the background!

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#junebookbugs – June 27 – Set In The Southern Hemisphere

So these are the first two books in a YA series set in Australia. (The first two are on Kindle Unlimited right now!) The series is apparently very popular in Australia, but I’d never heard of it until an internet friend told me I should read them. They’re about Australia getting invaded – by who is purposefully left vague – while these kids are out on a camping trip in the bush. So they come home to find their town empty, and have to puzzle together what happened and decide what they’re going to do. They’re pretty good. I didn’t finish the series because I had a falling out with the internet friend, and attached bad outside feelings to the books, unfortunately. But I always found it interesting how books can be wildly popular in one place, and completely unheard of in another.


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